My name is Jamina Tribbett and I am a sophomore at Indiana State University. I am a student learning about the fine world of Public Relations. I started this blog as a means to chronicle my experiences and share my knowledge as I mold myself into a PR professional. I have a passion for writing, graphic design, and photography. I aspire to become a Creative Director for a magazine or advertising agency. My long-term vision for myself is to take the knowledge I gain in social science to contribute to the advancement of my community back in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The city, itself, advertises to tourists and those who are over the age of 21 while it socially excludes the youth that live there. I believe this social exclusion corresponds with the creation of gangs in my community. Many of my friends and family have been killed or imprisoned because of gang affiliated incidents. A dream of mine would be to establish a lounge or non-profit organization for the intercity youth in order to keep them off the streets while motivating them to become college-bound.

When I moved to Terre Haute, Indiana in 2013 to attend school, I quickly realized that I was definitely not in Vegas anymore! Although it was a bit of a culture shock, I dived head first into my academics and became highly involved on campus. I sit on the E-Board for the NAACP Youth & College Chapter as the Public Relations Chair, and I created a program called Ambassadors for Black and Minority Students in order to create more educational activities for minority students while promoting cultural empowerment and Black unity across campus. I currently have three job titles: Editor-in-Chief of a campus publication called Word on the Yard, ISUcceed Undergraduate Mentor for first-year, minority students, and Student Assistant for the Department of Communication at Indiana State University. I have been on the Dean’s List for two semesters in a row and I was awarded the Blue Leaf Award in the Spring of 2014 for my academic achievements and involvement on campus. I was also awarded Freshman of the Year by the NAACP Youth & College Chapter.

I have three core values that stem from my firm belief in authentic living: honesty, communication, and consistency. Although I am extremely self-disciplined, I still enjoy my life while I am living it. My friends define me as quirky as I always bring my own “flavor” to the mix. I am a “realist with romantic tendencies” as my boss says. I am an emotional mess when it comes to dog movies, a horror film junkie, a basic fan girl of sci-fi shows, and a scarified shmuck when it comes to wartime movies.

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