Behind Every Great Twitter is a Mass Following

Photo Credit: keiyac via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: keiyac via Compfight cc

In this day and age, Twitter is a vital resource for the Public Relations world. When an event occurs, updates are instantaneously sent out through tweets. Just one tweet can reach millions of people in seconds. PR professionals use Twitter for a number of reasons. It is an easy tool to keep up with journalists and the latest news. Also, one can stay connected with other professionals and businesses to find perspective job opportunities. In order for any Public Relations professional to be successful on Twitter, one must build their own professional Twitter presence by expanding their following. Here are some noteworthy tips for increasing your followers:


A great way to increase your Twitter presence is to advertise your Twitter on your other professional social media sites, such as WordPress, Linked In, and Facebook. Placing your handle on your other networks is a great way for your current connections and friends to find you on Twitter.


In order for anyone on Twitter to be successful one must tweet and tweet often. Your followers want to know that you are active and have something to say. It is a great to retweet others’ tweets and engage with your followers by mentioning them in your tweets. Being able to be social and engaging on a professional Twitter is a skill that needs to be honed by PR persons.


Another way to gain followers is to follow other people. It is important for every PR person to stay connected so it is important to follow many different sources. Increasing the number of people who you follow is a great way to multiply your own following.


PR professional must stay in tuned with current events and tweet about it, especially when times get rough. When there is a crisis or a scandal in the news make sure that you show your followers that you know about it and that you are informed. It is a great way to connect with other people and engage with them and they will follow you to see what you have to say.


I believe the most important factor in increasing your Twitter following is including hashtags in your tweets. Hashtags are used to categorize tweets by keyword or phrase. People will be more likely to see your tweet if it includes a hashtag because it makes it easier to find on Twitter search. Also, if you decide to use the trending topic hashtags in your tweets then that will make you more visible and more likely to expand your following.

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