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While commuting to work this morning, I opened my WordPress reader instead of my book of the week and read an article entitled Black and Feminist, about the writer’s journey to becoming a black feminist.

A few weeks ago, I taught a bible study lesson on spiritual metamorphosis- “dying artfully to what you were to fully embrace what you are becoming.” What a gift it is to recognize your transition while you’re in the midst of it! The awareness of change frees you to yield to the process, instead of fighting or resisting.

Reading that post this morning and thinking about my own metamorphosis reminded me of a transformational moment during my ordination. In the Baptist denomination, ministerial ordination usually involves an interrogation interview with a council of (mostly male) pastors and other ordained clergy.

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Black and Feminist

Please read my piece about being a Black feminist, as published on sherights.com

Before I came to college, I was rather confused about my racial identity. I always knew that I was African American, but I did not know what that meant; my parents only raised me to be a good person rather than to be a Black woman. Throughout my adolescence, I experienced mild forms of discrimination, but I thought it was because I was a girl. I did not know it was because I was a Black girl. It is safe to say that I was a feminist before I knew I was a Black feminist.

During my freshman year of college at Indiana State University, I was exposed to a vibrant, red-headed professor whose thoughts and ideologies directly aligned with mine. But she knew how to articulate those thoughts much better than I could even think them. She is the one who first introduced me to feminism. When she explained…

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