The ‘Ferguson effect’?

‘Ferguson effect’? Savagely beaten cop didn’t draw gun for fear of media uproar, says Chicago police chief – As published on The Washington Post on Oct. 7, 2016.

An officer (not yet identified) in Chicago was brutally beaten after responding to a car crash Wednesday. The man involved in the car accident was high on PCP and hit the officer in the face and smashed her head against the pavement until she passed out. The officer was hospitalized and said that she feared for her life, but she was afraid to shoot him for fear of media backlash. The article describes this as the Ferguson Effect. Since the Mike Brown shooting, there has been a media focus on policing and race that has made some officers doubt themselves in the field.

This is an important story because it sheds light on the climate of this nation right now as it relates to policing and race. Police brutality has been a hot topic in recent years especially due to social media and an increase of recorded police shootings. Because these things do not happen in a vacuum, it affects police and people of color all over the nation. Police fear taking the wrong actions in the field and people of color fear they will be the victim of yet another police killing for being black or brown. This is a perspective that not many spend the time to think about. Police officer obviously have a job and while there are a few bad seeds, many of them are just trying to enforce the law. It certainly does not help when media exploits these situations even if they are done by the book. But this is the time that we live in.

This article was well-written and was easy to read. This is a human interest story that contains conflict. ferguson-effect