U.S. airstrike threatens Syria ceasefire


Syria war: US airstrike on Syrian troops threatens ceasefire deal, Russia says – as published on INDEPENDENT on September 18, 2016

U.S. airstrikes near ISIS territory accidentally kills 62 Syrian soldiers in Deir-ez-Zour. This mistake may threaten the ceasefire agreement that the U.S. and Russia have established with Syria, which was made early last week. Russia asked for an emergency council meeting at the United Nations to discuss the matter. Conflict ensued during the UN meeting between the UN Ambassador, Russia, and the U.S.

This story is important to know because if Syria decides to react, it could put an end to the ceasefire in Syria and possibly mean war on the U.S. The recent New Jersey and New York explosions and the Minnesota stabbings come at a very questionable time now. Although these attacks were not claimed to be acts of terrorism, they have been labeled as “intentional.” It is important to know what is going on with the U.S. abroad so we can put these attacks into context or be cautious of what may follow.

This story demonstrates conflict, human interest, and timeliness. However, the story is organized strangely as I did not learn how many Syrian soldiers were killed until near the end of the story. While this story highlights the conflict between U.S. and Russia, it is still important to know the reason behind it. I got this story from a news source outside of the U.S. and Russia so I could get a unbiased representation of the story.